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AAPS/ Ancient Artifact Preservation Society
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16th Annual Conference on Ancient America
October 2,3,4, 2020
Island Resort/Convention Center, Harris, Michigan


AAPS Mission Statement
Ancient Artifact Preservation Society

Bringing together Diverse Pieces
of the Ancient American Puzzle

Mission Statement:

- To collect and preserve evidence of ancient civilizations in North America, and the Great Lakes region in particular, in a manner that supports their study by amateur  and professional scholars and to educate the public about the  significance. As we come to realize, no man or continent is an  island, so North America is broadly connected to other places, cultures  and times, linking us to the Rest of the World.

Education, Learning, Sharing

Each year AAPS and Ancient American Magazine host our ANNUAL CONFERENCE on ANCIENT AMERICA

2020 is our 16th!

Here, we invite researchers, film-makers, authors, and sometimes guest speakers from popular television shows on the History Channel or other such media, to share their knowledge via Power Point, Exhibits, and their Talks on a variety of ancient subjects.

Our Vision:

-  To create a repository of artifacts and published research that  supports the investigation of pre Columbian history in North American.  (a Diffusionist Museum.)
- To create a web site and educational  materials that present the emerging thinking about pre-Columbian  evidence of human activities in the Great Lakes region and beyond. 


This vision of a museum has been modestly achieved with the generous cooperation of the Hannahville Community, via their beautiful Potowatomi Cultural Center. (AKA Turtle Center)  Here they have invited us to install our small AAPS Collection in lovely white oak cabinets we had built to suit their space. We heartily thank them for their kindness and welcome to AAPS.

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